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Falling Behind, Catching Up!

On Sat, 2 March, 2013 - 04:45
Candradasa's picture
Good morning from Bodh Gaya and the last day of the Order Convention! We’re obviously not quite keeping up with the amazing flow of Dharma material but today is the last day and as everyone starts to depart we will be keeping going until you’re all caught up - wherever you are! Should only take a few days - look out for talks (we sorted out the sound!) and interviews and videos and the rest from days 4-6…

Everyone here is aware of the rest of the Order following online and it’s been great to bear you in mind and feel borne in mind too! The ‘sanghakaya’ has become a bit of a theme here and maybe in its own small way the internet can actually help us with the practice of carrying the sangha with us, living as part of a community.

So, in that spirit, jumping ahead in your stream till the present moment (an hour ago!), here is the happy chaos of the Order photograph under the Bodhi Tree in the bright morning…
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