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On Tue, 21 May, 2013 - 16:26
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Buddhafield may be almost synonymous with the general joie de vivre of the main main summer Festival itself, but that doesn’t take away from the depth of the project as a distinctive contribution in its own right to contemporary reconceptions of the Buddha’s own way of living and teaching 2,500 years ago. As Kamalashila mentions in his essay introducing the history and spiritual basis of Buddhafield: “The Buddha’s simple outdoor life inspires this.”

Dharma teaching at Buddhafield is now very well established as a rich source of inspiration for many of us in our community of practice. The ever-popular Dharma Parlour (+ join to receive their updates) continues year on year to delight and provoke and challenge, and Buddhafield retreats have long offered alternative ways to experience something of what it is to really try and live out the full implications of what the Buddha says about being a human being out in the world, out amongst the very elements that make us up.

So today and all week long we’ll be posting some of great examples of Buddhafield Dharma teaching, with video and audio talks, other resources, and also some great eBook versions of Dharma presentations from a variety of speakers immersed in the culture and particular traditions of Buddhafield itself.

Time to steer through the deep mud under the deep sky…

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