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Buddhafield - A Conversation with Kamalashila

On Thu, 23 May, 2013 - 00:45
Candradasa's picture
Kamalashila is the President of Buddhafield, a pioneering project which in the last twenty years has offered a radical revisiting of the Buddha’s life and practice for modern times, rooting their vision of that firmly in the elements out of doors.

Here he talks about his own history with Buddhafield since the mid ’90s, evoking the spirit of its great experiment and the people who have been undertaking it together as an extended community. He also touches on challenges Buddhafield faces now, and its special place as part of the wider Triratna Community.

A great, personal account of a truly inspiring communal effort to understand and put into effect the Buddha’s teachings in a way that exemplifies harmony with nature.

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