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International Women's Day 2021: Varadhi

On Mon, 8 March, 2021 - 08:04
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To celebrate International Women’s Day we are sharing stories from women in the Triratna Buddhist Order. We’re hearing from women around the world, in a number of different contexts, sharing what the last year has been like for them, since the global coronavirus pandemic began.

“Hi! My name is Varadhi. I was privately ordained at my Private Preceptors shrine room in greater Sydney and publicly ordained in my friend and next-door neighbours’ shrine room in Melbourne, Australia. I am originally from Turkey but live in Melbourne in a one-bedroom apartment, by myself.

I have had a very busy year post ordination, taking on a range of responsibilities at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre as well as supporting our sangha in Turkey. I also work part time at a University and as the Young Persons Coordinator for our region (Australia and New Zealand).

Last year was a big year for me. I had to navigate the continual changes that came my way in the lead up to my ordination. I moved out on my own for the first time and experienced lock down for many months. I struggled mostly with not being able to go on retreat and travel to see my parents who live in Turkey. I also didn’t do very well in managing my screen time and became somewhat addicted to my phone and laptop.

But of course, there were many highlights to the year. Thanks to Zoom, I was able to share my public ordination with many people, I was able to support the women in Turkey to a degree I couldn’t before, I gave several very satisfying Dharma talks in Turkish which have been viewed by a surprisingly large number of people, I attended many online retreats with my favourite Dharma teachers I would not have had the opportunity to and I fostered many cats, watched them transform from shy and reserved to trusting and loving beings.

My biggest take away from last year has been something another Order Member I had never met before said to me when I was struggling with coming to terms with the cancelation of my ordination retreat: when we do not allow this moment to be as it is, we are taking the not given from this moment, not allowing it, its full potential. I hope this year brings all of us many opportunities to know this as a fact. All best wishes.”

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