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International Women's Day 2021: Mokshini

On Tue, 9 March, 2021 - 08:36
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My name’s Mokshini. I was ordained in 1999, during a 2 week training-for-ordination retreat at Tiratanaloka. In September 2018 I moved to Berlin, and since February 2020 I’ve been living in a women’s community with five other delightful beings. I am training to be a community nurse for senior citizens; once I finish – towards the end of this year - I plan to divide my time working for a living and extending my involvement in Dharma activities.

The past year has not been that easy for me personally, but not really because of the pandemic …. Yes, I have been concerned, and have found it heart-breaking at times to hear of older people, or those with pre-existing health conditions, living a far more isolated or lonely life. But my work has continued as before, although we now have to wear face masks all day long and disinfect everything from steering wheels to table tops.I have got quite used to having my chapter (regular Order member meeting) and other order meetings online, and because my life is quite full I can even appreciate leading mitra (Dharma) study via zoom as it cuts out a lot of travelling.

In ‘normal’ times I quite like planning my year and my travels well ahead - well, I have had to let go significantly in that regard. Will I go on retreat in the autumn? Who knows. Is it going to work out going on a holiday with a friend in June? No idea.

On the other hand, I appreciate the opportunities that the pandemic has brought me personally. It has made my life simpler; I have travelled far less and visited very few people and places. I have spent a lot of time at home!

And in February 2020 six of us started a women’s community in Berlin. All of us are involved with the Centre in Berlin, and spend a fair amount of time away on retreats. In a ‘normal’ year, I am quite certain that it would have been quite a rare event for us all to be together as a community. Over the last year however, most of us have spent most of the time at home! This has significantly supported us in forming as a community - that is something I very much appreciate and am grateful for.

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