Mitras from the sangha in Mérida, Venezuela

Video about the current situation in Venezuela July 2017

On Wed, 2 August, 2017 - 15:42
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Made to launch this project Metta for Mérida explaining the difficulties for people in the Sangha in Venezuela.

Filmed at Vajrasana in Uk by Sanghadhara of Clear Vision.

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Thank you vajranatha for this very moving video and for all that you do in Venezuela and beyond.  Much love to you

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Dear Vajranatha and all my GFR dharma sisters,

Thank you so much for sharing this update of this very difficult situation in Venezuela. I will share this link with all of my dharma brothers and sisters in Melbourne, Australia

sending metta


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Dear Vajranatha,

I was deeply moved by your video about the difficult situation in Venezuela.

with much metta and love,

Prasadajata from Melbourne, Australia.

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Thank you Vajranatha,thank you for being there for us, for being our friend, and for being so brave to come back and stay. You are doing a great job here, despite the difficulties you have to face,  we love you and cherish all what you do. 

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Hi Dear Vajranatha

Great to meet you at the ECA and thank you for all that you are doing in Merida. Just to let you know we will be screening your video clip tonight at our regular Sangha night in Melbourne.

Quite a few of our Melbourne Sangha will be on  retreat together when the first international Metta for Merida Meditation occurs and so we will be joining in at 4.30am from country Victoria.

We will also be encouraging our Sangha not on retreat to sit at home in synch with our friends across the world holding Venezuela and the Merida Sangha in their hearts.

With Metta and Appreciation



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Thank you to Vajranatha for this very informative and moving account of the situation in Venezuela and thank you to all of you in Triratna Venezuela who have made the Dharma and Triratna alive in Merida. We will be meeting in Malvern (which is near to Adhisthana) for Metta for Merida next Wednesday 16th.

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If you are planning to join us for the first international metta on the 16th Aug perhaps you could post your plans here…… 

It will make it easier to follow who is going to be with us.

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Here is a direct link to the video of the first metta for mérida meditation and twining ceremony with the Nottingham Buddhist Centre. This may give you ideas of how to lead the meditation at your centres.