Mitras from the sangha in Mérida, Venezuela

Time change for monthly meditation

On Fri, 12 January, 2018 - 17:01
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We are changing the monthly meditations to the last Saturday of every month at 3pm Venezuela time. That is currently 7pm UK time. This coincides with our regulars class at the Mérida Buddhist Centre

The next meditation will be on Sat 27th Jan 2018

We had to make this change because the change from UK summer time meant the meditation at Venezuelan time was at a time that few people could go.

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Hello Vajranatha and the Venezuelan sangha,

The sangha in  Bury St Edmunds are unable to do Metta for Merida as a group on a Saturday at that time. Some people may be able to do this individually. We will be incorporating our International Metta which will include Venezuela once a month at one of our combined sangha/drop in nights.  I can let you know when this has happened if you would like me to.

We have collected some money which I will put into the Dharma Life Fund for Merida and of course people will be able to do this individually if they wish.

I understand that life is still a struggle for you all there and I hope that you feel you are getting some support from us here in the UK.

Love, Sanghajata

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Hi Sanghajata. Thanks for your message. Yes it would be nice to know when you are meditating.

Many thanks for the donation too. Could you let Aryavachin in Nottingham know how much you have sent. He is out treasurer & that would help him plan the use of the funds we have.

With metta


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Dear Venezuelan Sangha,

Just to let you know that we in Bury St. Edmunds UK did an International Metta Bhavana, on Wednesday evening, which had a section in it focused on you. We tried to imagine what it might be like for you to be going to class, to be trying to meditate in those difficult circumstances. Trying to develop and maintain positive emotion towards all, trying somehow to let go of anger and blame.

We felt great compassion, empathy and respect for you.

Sadhu and much love, Sanghajata

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Many thanks for your support!