Mitras from the sangha in Mérida, Venezuela

Metta for Mérida Wednesday 29 Nov 2017

On Tue, 28 November, 2017 - 23:12
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Tomorrow is our next day to come together for metta 4 mérida

Last month I was really ill and although I led the meditation I didn’t have energy to write anything before.

This time I’ve just got back from visiting our sangha in Brazil which is why I’m writing at the last minute.

Just a bit of news about how things are going over here in Venezuela. The economy is getting worse & worse which produces a lot of hardship. The devaluation of the local currency (Bolivars) is insane. When I travelled to Europe in May $1US was worth 5,000Bs but it is now worth about 82,000Bs. This creates hyperinflation with prices going up every week. Things that need to be booked in advance like plane tickets or hotel rooms can only be reserved a fortnight before because no one knows what the price will be. There are petrol shortages (which is insane because Venezuela is a major OPEC country). 

Many people in the sangha are simply planning to leave. Life is almost impossible here. There is none of the political violence which prompted me to set up metta 4 mérida in the first place, but there is a lot of hardship & crime.

Last month in our meditation here in Mérida I suggested we also include the Muslims in Myanmar in the last stage specifically. Perhaps you would like to do the same.

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Dear Vajranatha,Mitras and friends, Tonight ( Wednesday 29th November) in Bury St Edmunds we met to send Metta to you. We reflected on the conditions you find yourselves in there and the strength of practice it must take to avoid reacting to your situation with indifference, ill will, frustration and self pity. We are training to develop compassion for all and we send you our thanks for giving us this opportunity to deepen our practice. We also hope that you were able to receive the love, friendliness and compassion that was sent your way.

You mentioned Myanmar /Burma, in Bury we meet as an International Metta Network and have talked about this before. Tonight I read the Triratna statement out loud and we reflected on it.

love, Sanghajata

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Thanks for keeping this going.

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Exeter Sangha from Devon UK sends all of you metta and all good wishes. On Wednesday 29th (the time of our sangha night) we started our evening with a period of metta bhavana and included the sangha in Merida and all people in Venezuela, May you be well and may the situation soon change for the better