Mitras from the sangha in Mérida, Venezuela

Big thank you!

On Mon, 21 August, 2017 - 14:35
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Many thanks to everybody who offered support in some way on the Adhisthana Order Weekend. I now have 6 smart phones for the sangha (including 4 iPhones!) Several people gave me money or have offered to support regularly via FutureDharma. Many people offered practical support in other ways and lots and lots of people gave me their best wishes and have promised to join in the metta for merida monthly meditations. I feel really supported by the Order. I’m sorry I can’t name everyone individually, but this has been fantastic.

Some people have asked if we have a just giving page. We have this one up and running already, but we may set up a more general one.

As I am flying to Caracas on Sunday & it may be more difficult for me to get online, you can always contact Aryavachin in Nottingham or Vanaraji in Essex if you want to know about helping in other ways. 

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Hi Vajranatha,

It would be great to do a Triratna News piece this month on how its going. If you are able to send me any information to charlotte [at], with any photos if possible, then I can write one. All the best for landing back and trying to connect online. 


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When would you need that by? I’m rather absorbed with the intensity of life out here.

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Whenever you like! 

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Just written some brief news for this week’s meditation. See……