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What is a Safeguarding trustee?

On Thu, 30 September, 2021 - 14:55
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ECA Safeguarding

All Triratna charities should have Safeguarding officers (as recommended by the latest report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse), but charities in England and Wales are required by the Charity Commission to have a Safeguarding trustee. As with the Safeguarding officer, this needs to be an Order member.

The Safeguarding trustee is responsible for

  • keeping Safeguarding on the agenda for the trustees so they don’t just forget about it and leave it to the poor SG officer!
  • making sure the trustees understand that they bear the final responsibility for Safeguarding all adults and children who come into contact with the charity, and that they need to lead on this and back the SG officer.
  • staying in touch with and providing support to the Safeguarding officer appointed to discharge the trustees’ responsibility
  • being someone with whom the SG officer can discuss Safeguarding matters and share confidential information

Here’s the Charity Commission’s page on SG duties for trustees more generally.