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Setting up secure email for Safeguarding work

On Tue, 18 May, 2021 - 13:32
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ECA Safeguarding

Standard email is not secure enough to satisfy data protection law when sharing the kind of very sensitive personal information​ we sometimes need to share in Safeguarding work.

ProtonMail offer free secure email and it can be set up so that you receive an alert to your regular email that there is a new ProtonMail email, so you don’t have to remember to keep checking it. (See below for more information about this.)

It’s a good idea to set up a generic email address so that when the Safeguarding role is passed on the email address remains the same.


Go to: 

Click ‘register for an account’.
Select the free option.
Insert the new, generic, email address for your Safeguarding officer.
Create your own password.
Fill in your own personal recovery email address.
Email the Safeguarding team at safeguarding [at] to tell them your new address! 

safeguarding.nameofcentre [at]
town.triratna [at]

If you have more than one person handling Safeguarding in your centre or group (an assistant Safeguarding officer and a Safeguarding trustee, for example) the main Safeguarding officer can look after the generic account and the others can each set up their own personal ProtonMail account, enabling them to email each other securely.

We suggest this because unlike with Gmail, for example, it’s not possible for those sharing the logins on a single ProtonMail account to use it to send messages to each other (effectively the account sending a message to itself).

Setting ProtonMail notifications to your usual account

  • Log into your ProtonMail account
  • Go into Settings (the cogwheel top right)
  • Click on ‘Go to settings’
  • Click on ‘Password and Recovery’ (to the left)
  • Under the heading ‘Recovery and Notification’ switch on Daily email notifications

A daily email notification is only sent if

  • it has been 24 hours since you last logged into your account. If you access your ProtonMail account then leave (by signing out, closing the browser, etc), the 24 hour waiting period will be reset and any new incoming email should trigger a notification within an hour or two.
  • There are new messages in your account. (Messages that have already been read once but are then marked as unread do not count.)