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Safeguarding training for Safeguarding officers and trustees

On Fri, 28 May, 2021 - 10:18
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ECA Safeguarding

Dear Triratna Safeguardians,

We’re increasingly asked about training for Safeguarding. The good news is that it’s available online, more cheaply and accessibly than ever.

  1. Training may be available from your local authority.
  2. The NSPCC offer well-regarded training for Safeguarding children.
  3. Thirtyone:eight are a Christian Safeguarding charity offering a range of courses specifically for Safeguarding in faith groups of all kinds.
  4. And Amaladipa and I at the ECA Safeguarding team have been planning to run online training specifically tailored to the kinds of situations which arise in Triratna contexts, but it will be ideal if those taking part have done NSPCC or Thirtyone:eight training first.

28th June 2021: Meet the ECA Safeguarding team and other Triratna Safeguarding officers.

Arrange a Zoom gathering for your trustees and the ECA Safeguarding team.

Contact the ECA Safeguarding team: safeguarding [at]