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Diversity in action: a guide for UK charities

On Wed, 27 January, 2021 - 16:18
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ECA Safeguarding

Here’s a free guide to UK law on equality and discrimination, from BatesWells, lawyers specialising in charity law, used by several Triratna charities.

The guide covers:

  • Is discrimination ever lawful? A brief introduction to UK legislation on diversity - the Equality Act 2010.
  • How to make positive changes to promote greater diversity within your membership or trustee body.
  • When is it lawful to restrict who can benefit from your charity’s services?
  • How charities can take positive action to improve diversity, without falling foul of equality law.
  • Our 5 tips for employers around reasonable adjustments for disabled applicants and employees.
  • Embedding the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion within your charity’s governance.
  • An example of how diversity in action can change lives through the work one charity.