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Towards Effective Triratna Online Learning (2011)

On Sat, 21 April, 2012 - 17:48
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These are extended consultation notes for anyone interested in setting up their own ‘Courses’ as part of their Project on It outlines the approach we’ll be taking on the site and offers a general discussion of the issues to take into account when planning online study.

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A fine document. Chuffed to see reference to me (back when I was Steven) Anyway, here is a great list of free online conferencing tools that just might leverage the learning more effectively than Voicethread, particularly for seminar-style meetings. I’ll check them out and report back.
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Thanks, Bodhidasa! look forward to talking it all through! :)
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Thanks very much for this Candradasa. Excellent and supportive work - as ever! We are trying to develop year long versions of many of our courses - having people do preparation before attanding residential courses and then keeping the retreat groupconnected to support and evaluate how learning is getting applied back home. We’ll definately be seeing if these resources can help us with that.
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Thanks, Guhyapati - we’ll be developing the next phase of our own approach (hopefully with Bodhidasa!) over the next six months. Will keep you posted on developments…