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Notes on the redesign of your Projects & Groups

On Thu, 31 January, 2013 - 22:27
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Hi all. As many of you know we’re about to launch a redesign of Projects and Groups on the site now that we’re finishing our initial beta test phase. I previewed these changes during the recent European Chairs’ Assembly, based on feedback from the meeting last year and input received through the autumn. Since that preview we’ve had a chance to take advantage of more, very recent feedback and tweak things a little further still. So I thought I’d post some mock-ups of the kind of thing you can expect, and let you know what you need to do to get ready for the change. The PDF files are annotated with design notes and you should be able to read these in any PDF browser (eg. Adobe Reader or Preview for Mac). Any thoughts you have on this are most welcome!

One important change you’ll notice immediately is the large header image you’ll be able to add to all your spaces. This should help you make the space more your own… We’ve already changed the form for editing Project/Group spaces to include a field for uploading this new picture, and we’d like to encourage all Admins to get ready for the change by logging in and uploading yours as soon as possible. Click ‘edit project’ or ‘edit group’ in your admin toolbar to get started.

The new header image is 910 x 245 pixels (any modern smartphone takes bigger landscape pictures than this by default). You can upload lower resolution pictures if you like but they won’t look as good! We’ll provide placeholder pictures so your new space won’t seem bare when we switch things over, but please do try and get your own up as soon as possible!

For best results, take a picture and then crop it to the exact size using any photo editor (there are lots of free ones - your PC or Mac almost certainly has one built in!). Otherwise upload the whole image and it will be centred automatically in the box. And if you aren’t sure how to do this, we’re happy to help. pictures [at] (subject: Marquee%20Image) (Send us your picture) and we’ll take a look and can crop for you too.

With many thanks in advance!

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