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IMPORTANT message for your web teams

On Sat, 21 December, 2013 - 21:20
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Moving day for your space online:
Triratna server changeover coming soon

Hello all!
This is just a quick note to inform you that, if you have any websites and email systems hosted on the Triratna server, in the next few weeks the talented folks at Metta Engine will be moving them to their new home on a better, more powerful server.

Your online resources should be moved over “as-is” and function perfectly without any noticeable change on your end. If there are any required changes to passwords or other bits and pieces, we will let you know individually.

This change will only affect those who have their sites hosted on the Triratna server. Please be sure that you make your web teams aware of the change to come so that they can be prepared.

If you have any questions or issues with the switchover, William Elworthy at Metta Engine would be happy to help. You can contact him by email at will [at] (subject: Server%20move) or by phone at UK 01633 530052.

Thank you and best wishes,
The Dharmachakra Team

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