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Employers’ Responsibilities (UK, 2013)

On Sat, 16 July, 2016 - 00:08
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All Triratna employers have a responsibility to ensure proper taxes are paid to their national government.  There has been an important recent change to the UK Govt’s PAYE reporting: 6 April 2013 sees an important change to the Government’s PAYE system. From then all employers will have to start reporting PAYE information to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in real time, a system known as RTI. If you use payroll software you’ll most likely already know all about it; if not please do inform yourselves quickly!

Shantiprabha has been exploring it on behalf of Adhisthana and says – “Anyone, or any company, that employs anyone, [will be affected by RTI]. One has to report payments regardless of whether the amount will actually be taxable or not. So, for example, a centre or TBRL that pays someone once to do some cleaning for one hour (say £10) will have to report it. Most accounts software will have been updated though I haven’t ‘switched’ mine on yet to see exactly how it’s going to work. If you don’t have relevant software then you can (or must) use the HMRC website (I think some Centres may do this already) but you can only do this if you have 9 or fewer employees. The only other way is to use a bureau, with its’ attendant costs. Either way it has to be done using the Internet.

Also on this page is a short document (which can be downloaded below), based on Vajragupta’s original from 2007 which flags up the main areas of employer’s responsibilities that Centre Managers and Chairs need to be aware of, and gives some pointers to where to go for further information. 

There are also a whole range of sample/draft employment contracts, policies, and procedures etc. which are attached.

Contents of Employers’ Responsibilities (UK)
1) General Advice and Where to Find Out More.
2) Specific Areas:
A) Contract of Employment
B) Payslips
C)Health and Safety
D) Recruitment and Selection
a) Religious Discrimination
b) Health/Disability Issues
E) Support and Minimum Wage
F) Tax, National Insurance, and Sick Pay
G) Other Areas to be Aware of

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