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Best Times To Share On Social Media Over The Holidays

On Wed, 17 December, 2014 - 16:40
Candradasa's picture

Further to our last post via AddThis about the best times to share to social media, here is their new guide to posting over the holidays! Things to remember about Facebook:

  • On Facebook you can now schedule posts to a Page.
  • Only a small percentage of people who like your page on Facebook are likely to see it. If you want to ensure an audience for an important post it’s worth considering spending small amounts of money on ‘boosting’ a post (this kind of advertising is, alas, what they want you to do but it does work to an extent).
  • Facebook favours original media rather than links to posts on your own website, so make sure as well as links you also post the odd picture or video, esepcially if you are paying to ‘boost’.

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