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Sudaka on Buddhist Practice as a Parent

Sun, 8 Jul, 2018 - 22:04

Sudaka, the Mitra Convenor in the Valencia Buddhist Centre, talks about his experience of Buddhist practice as a parent and discusses how he fits in his meditation practice, the importance of having a supportive partner and how his practice informs his parenting.

Recorded at Suryavana, Valencia, July 2018.

Check out the International Families Retreat (Retiro Internacional De Familias) being held at Suryavana at the end of July.

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Talks from Adhisthana's Weekend Retreat for Parents

Fri, 29 Jun, 2018 - 11:29

Adhisthana’s first weekend retreat for parents took place on 8th to 10th June, led by a team of Triratna Order Members who are parents themselves – Upayavira, Maitrinita, Lilapa, and Karunagita. It was open to parents and parents-to-be, including Order Members, Mitras and those with a regular practice in the context of Triratna. 

Here are two of the talks from the weekend:-

Six Gifts of Parenting:
Karunagita brings to life gifts for Buddhist practice...

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Buddhist Parenting - Karunagita

Wed, 26 Jul, 2017 - 14:38

This is another great talk from the ‘Dharma Warriors’ series given at the Buddhafield Festival. Karunagita is the author of ‘Growing as a Parent - What Buddhism Has to Offer’, and here she presents some of that material to an audience of summer loving practitioners under the blue skies of Devon. Settle back and enjoy the sound of drums, kids’ voices, and Karunagita’s perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of raising a child as part of your practice of the...

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Staying at Home, Dancing with the Universe - Amaragita

Wed, 26 Jul, 2006 - 14:55

This talk takes a look at Buddhist practice in the light of parenting, and was given at the Buddhafield Festival in 2006. Look out for some lovely singing throughout!

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Meditating With Your Child - Upayavira

Wed, 26 Jul, 2006 - 14:32

Upayavira was ordained in 2000, and became a parent soon after. Since then he has been exploring, often through necessity, ways to meditate with children around. He has led Meditation for Parents workshops at the Buddhafield Festival and at the Buddhafield Village retreat, as well at some local Buddhist Centres; with the aim of demonstrating that practicing with your young children present is not just possible, there can be some huge benefits in this form of practice.

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Fifteen Points for Buddhist Parents - Sangharakshita

Tue, 26 Jul, 1994 - 14:26

Should you teach your child Buddhism? Should you restrict their T.V.? How do you let them go when it’s time? What to do if you’ve made mistakes? Sangharakshita deals with these and many more issues in this entertaining, thought-provoking talk given in 1994.