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Triratna Parents (2012)

From Triratna Resources on Sat, 16 Jul, 2016 - 00:27

This post contains resources for Triratna Parents, especially those seeking to form ‘parent sanghas’ to support one another in the work and practice of parenting.

Best place to start is probably the new Facebook ‘Triratna Buddhist Parents Network‘ page, created by Kamalanandi from Sheffield. There’s a printable A4 poster attached to this post (you can share a link to it here - it comes in two versions spread over two pages – choose your favourite!)

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Kamalamani - Other Than Mother, Choosing Childlessness With Life In Mind

From Buddhist Centre Features on Thu, 16 Jun, 2016 - 17:18

Satyalila interviews Kamalamani about a strong decision in her life  as a Buddhist - to forego having children - and her subsequent decision to write a book about it. A great conversation between two good friends about a long, challenging, ultimately affirming personal process and choice.

Get more  information on Kamalamani’s book and where to buy it 

Watch Kamalamani’s short talk on the book for Buddhist Action Month 2016

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Amaragita - A Meditation On Our Three Bodies

From Buddhist Centre Features on Tue, 29 Sep, 2015 - 17:56

A helpful introduction from Amaragita to the subtler reaches of body-based awareness meditation, bringing in a sense of our physical, emotional and mental ‘bodies’ as the basis for deep relaxation and resting in our experience.

Led as part of the 2015 Mothers Retreat at Taraloka Retreat Centre.

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The Possibility of Practice - Amaragita

Sun, 26 Jul, 2015 - 15:36

If a talk could ever be described as beautifully bracing, this is it! Amaragita brings a sharp-edged mind and a long-term perspective to the whole question of what practice is.

As you might expect, she also brings humour, warmth and kindness too, qualities that more than balance out the penetrating clarity and sometimes challenging questioning underpinning this exploration of the possibility of practice - for all and especially for those raising families at any stage of life.

Amaragita offers three principles for considering the...

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Lightening the Load - Karunagita

Sun, 26 Jul, 2015 - 14:43

A great talk from Karunagita, author of A Path For Parents, with some key practical insights for anyone trying to figure out how to go deeper with their practice while raising children. We get a moving evocation of parenting as a distinct context for working with our conditioning, our views, and for learning to break our habits in order to cultivate ever deeper levels of awareness and love.

And as you might expect, all the earned wisdom of this talk is actually...

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Interview with Amaragita About the Buddhafield Family-Friendly Retreat

Fri, 26 Jul, 2013 - 16:04

A really great conversation with Amaragita, one of the pioneers of Buddhafield retreats that are family friendly, a radical re-imagining of a community retreat that has been one of Buddhafield’s most successful projects for 14 years.

How do you maintain a deep practice of the Dharma when you have a family? How can householders bring the Buddha’s teachings to bear on their lives and also feed their own experience into the wider sangha?

A fascinating look at aspects of community practice, including single sex...

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History of the Buddhafield Family Friendly Retreat - Vimalaraja

Fri, 26 Jul, 2013 - 16:01

Vimalaraja on the history of the Buddhafield Family Friendly Retreat, Part 1.

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Storytelling Bits...

From Imagine the Buddha on Mon, 4 Jun, 2012 - 22:31

From the storytelling performance, with Lokabandhu and his gang, channeling Angulimala