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The Numblevole: a Triratna book for children

On Mon, 30 November, 2015 - 15:31
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“Once upon a time, in a world where people were not exactly people and not exactly animals either, lived a numblevole.”

So begins The Song of the Numblevole, the story of a small but spirited creature created by British mitra Fran Martintroth, in partnership with Triratna Arts and Culture.

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The numblevole sets out for the ocean and the answers she hopes to find there.  On her way she meets the strange and wonderful ‘keepigull’, who shows her the beauty and power of the sea - but the numblevole must discover the answers for herself.

Curiosity and longing, the adventures of seafaring and the treasure you hold inside yourself, are the themes that run through this enchanting story, for children from six years upwards. The author, Fran Martintroth, says it’s particularly suitable for reading aloud.

The book is both written and illustrated by Fran, who is a retired teacher; a Buddhist for over 30 years and a longtime member of the Worcester Triratna group.  She writes, “The story reflects many of the themes I myself encountered on my own journey, as a young woman crossing the Atlantic on a small sailing boat. The long night watches and the wordless, ever-changing beauty of the sea, were my introduction to meditation and one of the inspirations in my following the Buddhist way.”

Triratna Arts and Culture was started by Matthew New, a mitra from Birmingham, UK, to “make the unfolding arts and culture in Triratna more accessible, interactive”. He writes, “I launched the first Art and Culture Catalogue in 2013 and plan to do another every 4 years or so.

Meanwhile I am producing other titles with artists, poets and others. Much of the profit goes towards the publication of arts catalogues, hopefully funding free open copies of the catalogues for all Triratna Buddhist Centres for the next publication, around 2017.”

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