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Wat is de Dharma?

On Tue, 30 May, 2023 - 15:54
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A new edition of What is the Dharma? by Sangharakshita is available in Dutch.

It can be bought either as hardback or paperback on link to both.
Sadhu to all involved!
Best wishes,  Viryabodhi 

Here is what Sobhanandi wrote on Facebook:

The translation from 10 years ago has been checked and improved where necessary. Sangharakshita says: What is the meaning of life? How can we experience true happiness? These questions are still relevant even though they have been asked many times. The answer is found in Buddhism in the Dharma.

and later in an email to me:

The beautiful cover was made by an Ukranian bookdesigner called Getcovers. It designs bookcovers for all sort of books in all languages for 35 US dollars. Front and back and spine and for Lulu as well. Softcover and hardcover. I have used it a few times and they are very good. I delivered the text and a photo to give them some idea what I wanted. And the colors I wanted and they came back in three days with this beautiful cover. And you can make changes indefinitely if you want it different.
Maybe an idea for other translators who don’t have designers in their sangha? 

Metta, Sobhanandi

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