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Three Triratna Texts in Hebrew translation

On Tue, 23 July, 2013 - 16:20
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Here’s the three most important Triratna texts in Hebrew translation. Many thanks to Prakashika for her work on them - and you can also hear her reading them. For other translations in 25 languages see the Triratna Translations home page. And if you’d like to contribute to the project, lokabandhu [at] (let us know)!
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rodashruti's picture
Mazel tov!

One small comment which I don’t intend as a criticism in light of this incredible translation accomplishment! – where there’s a second line that wraps, the punctuation is showing up on the right, where I think it should be on the left. The words are in the right order, but the commas and periods show up at the beginning of the second line, rather than at the end. I blame technology.

Now I’m going to go pore over these so I can improve my limited Hebrew vocabulary.

Prakashika's picture
You’re right on both counts, Marysalome, the punctuation should be on the end of the line, and it is a technical problem. Also, the text should be right aligned. Oh well, computers are only human..