Toowoomba Buddhist Centre

Rejoicing in Josephine

On Sun, 12 March, 2017 - 06:51
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Last week our oldest sangha member died.  She was 95 years old.  On Saturday, March 11th, we reflected on Josephine’s life and rejoiced in her merits.

Jo was a writer, artist and poet, with a great love of her garden and her family.  She first came to the Toowoomba Buddhist Centre in 2003.  She wanted to learn to meditate, to find out more about Buddhism and if it had anything to offer her spiritual life.  Then 82, she became a Mitra in 2004.  Through the years Jo was a keen participant in a women’s daytime Dharma study group.  When she could no longer attend the Toowoomba Buddhist Centre, she asked if it was possible to continue some kind of discussion at her home.  At first Buddhism was the principal topic.  Later her quest for understanding focussed more widely on history, other religions, philosophy, biographies, topical issues and simply about people’s lives and values.  She could be challenging in her questions - we didn’t always agree - but in that, helped us all to clarify our own understanding and to hone our communication skills.  She lived her life with beauty, humour, kindness and friendship.  May all blessings be hers.

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