Toowoomba Buddhist Centre

Recent Events and Looking towards 2018

On Mon, 4 December, 2017 - 08:54
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Sangha Day was celebrated at the Toowoomba Buddhist Centre by a gathering of about 24 people, old and young, family and friends.  Peter became a Mitra and there was much rejoicing and sharing of delicious food.  Then there was a retreat record number of people (18) attending the ‘Encountering the Buddha’ retreat, led by Siladasa last weekend.  The new venue for our retreats is enabling larger numbers of people to attend with 18 probably being the maximum.  We hope to hold 3 retreats again in 2018 but before then we shall be celebrating 20 Years of the Toowoomba Buddhist Centre, which first formed from a home gathering in January, 1998 - ‘from little things big things grow’!  Please see the December Newsletter for more about these events - you can find the newsletter in the Program section.

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