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It's alive! Triratna Tokyo Online

On Tue, 13 December, 2022 - 10:09
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These are some of the first photos of our fledgling group that started online in early 2020.

We hope to keep you updated here and on our other social media platforms.

The beginning of the group mysteriously begin… 

Via a mutual friend - Leo Gonzalez (originally from the Merida Buddhist centre, Venezuela) - Susana Kumagai and her family met Aryapala and Sugarbha during their visit to Japan. After corresponding for a while, Susana & Aryapala then started meditating online, and Susana joined all the Barcelona Buddhist Centre online hybrid events that followed.

Each Monday night, Susana would invite more friends from Tokyo to join in. Aryapala invited Sraddhapa to join up with his Taipei group, and Zoe from Singapore. And so Sraddhapa suggested we create a ‘region’ consisting of Taipei, Singapore and Tokyo (we now also have a friend in Seoul!).

Running parallel, Shraddharocani (who grew up in Japan and now lives in New Zealand) was translating Bhante into Japanese. She had a strong vision that Bhante’s dharma is desperately needed in Japan. They were introduced to each other in 2018 to assist in the translation work and later, they teamed up to support the small group that had suddenly sprung up in Tokyo. 

Now Susana has asked to be a mitra, and has recently met Diksha this year, 2022. Diksha is a Going for refuge mitra from India now living in Tokyo…

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