The Women's Ordination Team in India

On Sun, 17 August, 2014 - 21:20
vajratara's picture
Here’s a picture of our other half - the Women’s Ordination Team in India and their support taken at a recent Ordination Team meeting in Bhaja. They do an amazing job helping support women who are training for Ordination, sometimes in very demanding circumstances. Here is a bit about them: There are at present only 3 full-time workers in the team: Tarahridaya and Vijaya, as well as Karunamaya who is not in the picture. There is also Jnanasuri who does a great deal at the venerable age of 72. Remarkably, she has an aged mother to care for at the same time. With the exception of Shraddhavajri and Vidyadharini, all of these women are married and all have family responsibilities. Several of the Dharmacharinis whose children have left home struggle to leave their retired husbands at home alone and face criticism from their families if they do. Still many of the team manage to support GfR retreats and visit Mitras all over India. We are hoping to expand the team and plans are developing so that we can do so soon…
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