Daily quote from 'The Survey': transcending opposites

On Wed, 19 April, 2017 - 22:00
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To celebrate 60 years since the publication of ‘The Survey of Buddhism’, here is today’s quote:

At every stage of the spiritual life we are faced by the necessity of making a choice between either of two opposites, on the one hand, and the mean which reconciles the opposition by transcending it, on the other’.  Ch1.16

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I had to come back 24 hrs later to edit my first response which was;


Its just the hands sound like two opposites anyhow and now I will be thinking about this all morning…

So on one hand we have two choices, and on the other hand a sense that the choices can be transcended and there is not choice to be made?

We can choose the hand which holds an understanding that polarising our choices in this way is not helpful??? 

I feel like when you hold two mirrors up against each other - because in the metaphor is the thing that the metaphor suggests we can transcend.”

I didn’t mean it to, but the energy I felt came out in lots of exclamation marks and question marks. At least I didn’t use capital letters as well, no need to shout.

It seems a very perplexing conundrum…..would love to hear other people’s views.