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Triratna InHouse rediscovers long-lost seminar!

On Tue, 2 July, 2019 - 14:22
lokabandhu's picture

Some very exciting news here at Triratna InHouse Publications has been the rediscovery and republication of a long-lost but very important seminar by Sangharakshita, ‘Dhyana for Beginners’.  This was the principal inspiration for Vajraloka’s meditation teaching for many years.  You’ll find it in a new Volume VII of the Mahayana Texts, Sutras and Sadhanas series within the 17 volumes of Sangharakshita’s Collected Seminars - along with two other unpublished seminars, the Ratnagunasamcayagatha and some questions and answers on the White Tara Sadhana…

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