Taraloka Retreat Centre

Tonglen retreat day 5: Remembering the bodhichitta in everyday life

On Wed, 26 March, 2014 - 14:59
yashobodhi's picture
This is a talk Yashobodhi gave on day five of the Order Tonglen Retreat at Taraloka. She talks about her personal connection to the tonglen practice and the seven point mind-training and about practising tonglen in the moment. She also addresses the issue of difficulties with people, tying it in with the mind-training slogan of ‘be grateful to everyone and everything’, as other people provide you with the opportunity to go beyond ego. After the talk Yashobodhi led the tonglen practice, inviting people to bring to mind a situation in their life with a person they find difficult:

You can download the talk on Free Buddhist Audio

Also, download the led meditation following the talk here.

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