Taraloka Retreat Centre

Retreat spaces available!

On Sat, 28 August, 2021 - 15:34
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Hear ye, hear ye! Dying to get on retreat, but worried that everywhere is booked? Due to cancellations, we have seven places available on Awakening Compassion, 10th - 17th September, led by Maitrimala and Vidyanadi. Come for a week of exploring the metta bhavana in Tara’s realm. :-)

We’ve also got a couple of spaces left to explore the Bodhicaryavatara on An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Becoming a Bodhisattva, 24th September - 1st October - led by Maitrisiddhi, Kusalasara, Sahajatara and Abhayanandi.

Book now! :-)