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Pujas With Altitude 2022 - Fundraising Challenge Event

On Wed, 6 April, 2022 - 10:48
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Pujas with Altitude returns for 2 - 4 September 2022!  2 peaks, 3 pujas, 10 miles, 1,200m climb, with Maitrisiddhi, Maitridevi and Natalia.

Bring the beauty of Dharma practice into the beauty of wild places, climb one of the highest mountains in Snowdonia, and raise money for ‘Tiratanaloka Unlimited’!

In 2019, Pujas with Altitude climbed Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain, and one of the most popular.  In 2022, we’ll head for Carnedd Llewellyn, Wales’ third highest mountain (after the two Snowdon peaks).  At 1,064m above sea level it is barely 20m lower than Snowdon.  It has its own drama and wildness, and we’ll take you on a route that few will ever experience. 

The route will be around 10 miles and 1,200 metres ascent, with three pujas - one by a mountain stream in a valley of wild horses, one at a mountain lake, where ravens’ cries echo against rock walls, and one in the high mountain, looking out over the other great peaks.  (Hopefully, if the mist isn’t down!!)    This route will feel much wilder than 2019’s.  We estimate we’ll be out for at least 12 hours, including rests and pujas. 

Find out more including how to get a place!   Deadline for bookings is 15 May, but places are going swiftly.

Or email queries to publicity [at] taraloka.org.uk