Taraloka Retreat Centre

Milarepa: Inspiration From the Lineage Retreat (5 of 6)

On Thu, 22 September, 2022 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
The fifth of six informal talks by Saddhanandi exploring themes from one of Milarepa’s Songs: The Song of Self-Examination, found in the Chapter’ Meeting Rechunga’ one of Milarepa’s female disciples. This talk was recorded on retreat at Taraloka in 2022. The song offers an uncompromising criterion for the spiritual life: endurance of hardships, renunciation of ‘nature lands’ property, friends and lovers; and a willingness to follow the instructions of a Guru. Saddhanandi discusses the themes using extracts from Sangharakshita’s seminars on other Songs of Milarepa. Talk Five: Worldly Winds, Personal Precepts and Reaction Practice This talk explores the effect of the Worldly Winds in our lives, and the need to know what are susceptible to. Then the need for personal instructions in the area of Dharma Practice and where we might get that input from: reflection, a Kalyana Mitra, Reaction Practice
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