Taraloka Retreat Centre

Introduction to Citta and Dhyana with Guided Meditation

On Thu, 26 September, 2019 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
This is talk 8 of 13 talks and led meditations given on the Path to Insight Retreat at Taraloka, July 2019. This retreat was offered to women who are training for Ordination and Order Members. The talks are available to all. Vidyamala introduces the Citta contemplation of Satipatthana and then discusses Dhyana. She offers ways to approach higher states of concentration in meditation and how they bloom out of paying attention to pleasant vedana that has a felt quality of openness within it. Dhyana is not random but a result of where we place our attention in each moment. This is followed by a led meditation based on the approach to Dhyana developed by Leigh Brassington.
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