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The Great Gathering - A Greater Love: Maha Maitri

On Sat, 27 January, 2018 - 15:07
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Taraloka 7th-10th June

“If you take friendship seriously, you bring in, sooner or later, the whole of the Dharma.”  At the first Great Gathering for nearly ten years, come and celebrate Triratna’s unique emphasis on the practice of friendship as a path.

Our teacher Sangharakshita has said: “It is in friendship (maitri) that we may find the emotional equivalent of the intellectual understanding of the doctrine of ‘no self’”, and that if we were to really practise the first precept - metta or maitri - we would practically be enlightened!  The gift of these teachings can help us move beyond self-clinging into a deeper and far more mysterious connection with one another; a Greater Love.

The team, drawn from Tiratanaloka, Taraloka and Buddhafield, look forward to welcoming you at Taraloka for rituals, chanting, talks, discussion, meditation, workshops and the pleasure of each other’s company. We are expecting large numbers from all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe - please spread the word.

For Dharmacharinis and women who have asked for ordination.

Team: Maitreyi, Maitridevi, Karunadhi, Maitrisiddhi, Varabhadri, Hridayagita, Kalyacitta, and Satyamuni

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