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Triratna Model Safeguarding policies and Ethical Guidelines 2020

By Munisha on Tue, 7 Apr, 2020 - 11:47

Here are the Triratna Model Safeguarding policies 2020 and Ethical Guidelines 2020, which replace any model documents not dated 2020 - as well as two new guidance documents.

Triratna Model Safeguarding policies 2020 and Ethical Guidelines 2020

  1. Triratna worldwide general advice on Safeguarding 2020 (These are introductory notes, not a policy.)
  2. The Triratna Model Child Protection policy 2020
  3. The Triratna Model Child Protection Code of Conduct 2020
  4. The Triratna Model Safeguarding Adults Policy 2020
  5. The Triratna Model Ethical Guidelines 2020 (unchanged since 2019 but please update your document so it says 2020)

These model documents are public. Once you have updated your own policies (and your council has adopted them) it’s a good idea to...