European Chairs' Assembly
European Chairs' Assembly

Report on the January 2016 European Chairs' Assembly

By Nandavajra on Tue, 26 Jan, 2016 - 10:04

Report on the January 2016 European Chairs’ Assembly (by Nandavajra)

Adhisthana hosted a gathering of 35 Triratna European Centre Chairs (from 6 countries) for the winter 2016 European Chairs Assembly, from 4th to 11th January. They were joined by representatives from movement wide projects, members of the Development Team and Saddhaloka and Padmavajra from the Preceptors College.

On the second day Ratnaguna inspired and gladdened the meeting by introducing the Pure Land texts as a practice in themselves and discussing their relationship to Sangharakshita’s...

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