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Beyond Happy Group Bodhidasa 18 February, 2018
Young Triratna Sydney Group Bodhidasa 30 January, 2015
Exploring maps of our inner worlds Group Bodhidasa 20 August, 2017
Happy Birthday Bhante! Image Post Bodhidasa 24 August, 2014
The Still Life - images from Vijayaloka Retreat Centre, Sydney Image Post Bodhidasa 20 August, 2014
Introduction to the Buddha Blitz! Image Post Bodhidasa 29 September, 2014
A Season of Illumination Image Post Bodhidasa 08 January, 2015
Sydney Buddhist Centre on Soundcloud Talk Bodhidasa 09 September, 2014
Myself, the dragon and St George - reflections on Ordination Talk Bodhidasa 02 September, 2014
Going Beyond - a talk for Parinirvana day Talk Bodhidasa 17 February, 2015
A welcome to new Order Members in Sydney Text Post Bodhidasa 20 August, 2014
Sydney Sangha Day 2014 Text Post Bodhidasa 24 November, 2014
A big thank you for the Buddha Blitz Text Post Bodhidasa 22 December, 2014
His story is our story - a talk for Buddha Day Text Post Bodhidasa 05 May, 2015
Sydney sangha crowdfunding to transform centre Text Post Bodhidasa 13 October, 2014
ACT for stillness Text Post Bodhidasa 22 December, 2014
In Memoriam - Dipankara Video Embed Bodhidasa 10 June, 2015
The Buddha Blitz Begins! Video Embed Bodhidasa 09 October, 2014
Dr Ambedkar - a celebration in Sydney Video Embed Bodhidasa 14 April, 2016