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Introduction to the Buddha Blitz!

On Mon, 29 September, 2014 - 11:48
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The Sydney Buddhist Centre at 24 Enmore Rd, Newtown, has taught meditation and Buddhism to thousands of people in Sydney since the 1980s. We provide a calm and relaxing oasis in the midst of a busy city life. But now we are going to shake things up a bit with an exciting renovation.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely almost entirely on donations from people attending the centre, and on money raised from retreats and courses. We don’t let financial constraints prevent anyone from enquiring about attending our activities. Our teachers are all Order members, and none are paid – we offer our time for free to the community, to help people become more aware of themselves and others.

But a lack of money means our centre looks, well, tired, drab, dull, weary and a bit run-down. Without financial support from our Buddha Blitz crowdfunding campaign hosted with StartSomeGood, we will not be able to beautify it.

What is the Buddha Blitz? We were inspired by those renovation TV shows that rehabilitate dilapidated properties such as ‘Backyard Blitz’. We’ll Buddha Blitz the SBC during one week in December – in a calm and systematic way! So many people are willing to help in the campaign from start to finish – we have a building project manager, tradesmen, handymen, labourers, technical people, administrators, interior designers, video artists, photographers, musicians, actors, poets and other enthusiasts still coming forward. Are you able to be one of our enthusiastic crew? Could you help us by making a financial donation?

The Buddha Blitz officially launches on October 11 with an Open Day, tours and other events. Until then you can read about the preparations on the official blog

The photos you see in the gallery are a combination of iconic spaces in the Sydney Buddhist Centre and also those that, well, will be receiving some attention during the Buddha Blitz..

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