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Inte för sent att boka Nordisk ordenshelg 22-25 februari

On Thu, 25 January, 2018 - 10:46
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Vill du vara med på Nordisk Ordenshelgen 22-25 februari at Dharmagiri så boka du nu!


We start with dinner on Thursday evening, and finish around noon on the Sunday.

The focus for the Regional Order Weekend will be the living current of our practice.

We will start Friday morning with reporting in, with focus on the living current of our practice in our lives, where possible set in a mythic context. We might carry on reporting in in the afternoon as needed. In the evening we will meditate and do puja to call forth and give form to these living currents. Do bring whatever you want to do this, be it symbols, texts, objects, robes…

On the Saturday morning we will together explore some of what manifested on the Friday. This could be talking about a theme, look at a text or a symbol or something quite different… Saturday afternoon is open to see what emerges - or nothing! In the evening we will dedicate ourselves to that which manifested on Friday.

On Sunday we dissolve what has been manifest and do our business and conclude.

E Ma Ho!

Welcome: Viryabodhi
Focus> our living current of practice
Friday: Reporting in on the theme
Puja Friday: bringing the living current of our practice into the puja
Saturday: Explore themes from reporting/in in groups on the Friday. Bring thoughts, images, symbols etc both to explore in study and in the evening.
Rest of the day: Bringing out the mythic, Dharmic context for the living current of our practice
Puja Saturday: Dedicating ourselves to that living current
We then see what arises…
Viriyavasin will co-ordinate travel again, especially for those coming from afar.
You can get in touch with him here: viriyavasin [at] outlook.com

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