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200 hours Certification Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training course with Bodhiyoga International Video Embed Sudaka 06 April, 2019
a few moments from our Fundamentals of Mindfulness yoga retreat (with Bodhiyoga International) in Suryavana last year, strengthening the core from "satangasana" - 6 point pose..... Video Embed Sudaka 05 April, 2019
Agua (Water): A Day in the Life of Suryavana Video Embed Sudaka 09 March, 2020
Apoyando Suryavana :: Supporting Suryavana Text Post Sudaka 04 April, 2020
Bodhiyoga International relaunches 500 hour Yoga Teacher training and Remedial Yoga Module Image Post Sudaka 04 October, 2021
Boletín Informe Suryavana 2021 Video Embed Sudaka 02 January, 2021
Celebrating Suryavana Our Campaign “Six Months 34 Beds” Text Post Sudaka 03 April, 2022
CLASE ABIERTA DE MEDITACIÓN BUDISTA Todos los jueves 19:00-20:00h (CET) Suryavana, España Text Post Sudaka 10 January, 2021
Dancing with the Elements and Opening into the Element of Space Text Post Sudaka 15 December, 2019
El baile de los elementos: una aventura de rituales :: The Dance of the Elements: A ritual adventure Text Post Sudaka 04 April, 2019
Encuentro Yoga 2019 en Suryavana, 23-29 julio Text Post Sudaka 13 June, 2019
Help us build the "Enlightened Forest" :: Ayudarnos construir el "Bosque iluminado" Video Embed Sudaka 21 December, 2020
Imágenes de la Liberación. 23-29 agosto 2019 Text Post Sudaka 13 June, 2019
Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo. Un informe del lejano NorOeste (de Castellón). Suryavana. Enero 2021. Image Post Sudaka 08 January, 2022
Online Yin Yoga and Meditation Retreat Text Post Sudaka 15 April, 2020
Resumé of 2022 at Suryavana Text Post Sudaka 09 January, 2023
RETIRO de INVIERNO - El Mundo en Llamas... Text Post Sudaka 03 December, 2019
Retiro de Pascua en Suryavana Video Embed Sudaka 27 March, 2019
Retiro de Verano I: La Meditación y el poder de transformación, 16-22 agosto 2019 Text Post Sudaka 13 June, 2019
Solitary Cabin for rent in Suryavana, Spain Image Post Sudaka 27 March, 2021
Solitary Retreat Cabin Spain :: Cabaña de Madrea para Retiros Solitarios. España. Video Embed Sudaka 12 January, 2021
Suryavana is available for rent with or without cooks to host your events and retreats Image Post Sudaka 13 April, 2022
Suryavana Retreat Centre Video Embed Sudaka 17 April, 2019
Suryavana Wishlist Text Post Sudaka 28 March, 2022
The All New Hybrid Online and Residential Yoga teacher training from Bodhiyoga International at Suryavana Video Embed Sudaka 15 October, 2021
Yoga teacher training 200 hours Certification with Bodhiyoga at Suryavana 2021 Text Post Sudaka 10 October, 2020