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On Mon, 28 March, 2022 - 07:00
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Hello everyone, I am full of inspiration and ideas after a fantastic retreat with the guys who have requested Ordination here in Spain though many of us come from all over the world.  We were 14 from Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, England, Ireland, Catalonia and Valencia!  Wonderful!  Meditating, practicing and living together about 9 days.If someone out there is feeling generous, I have a wishlist and projects that we would like to carry out here in the Illuminated Forest.

estimated costs in euros 

 ~Meditation dome (25 k)
 ~Pellet stove.  Dining room.  (2 k)
 ~Wood stove in the living room.  (600 euros)
 ~Wood stove for the Cabin (600 euros)
 ~Insulate Cabin (600 euros)
 ~New generator (5/6 k)
 ~Pellet heating instead of propane.  (15 k).  To reduce dependency on “fossil fuels”
 ~Electric van with solar panel system and batteries independent of the house.  (50 thousand)
 ~Another cabin / yurt for solitary (6 k)
 ~Extensive production of fruit and vegetables on site (work)
 ~Plant 12 cherry trees at the entrance of Suryavana (Where the medlars were burned) 250 euros
 ~Plant an edible forest on the Cabin terraces (2 k euros)
 ~Build a paellero (fire pit to make paella) and Moorish oven (to bake bread and pizza) in the inner courtyard (2 k euros)
a bit hug to all Sudaka

un abrazo a tod@s

“Soñar es gratis” dreaming is free as they say in Spain 

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