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Bodhiyoga International relaunches 500 hour Yoga Teacher training and Remedial Yoga Module

On Mon, 4 October, 2021 - 14:29
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Train to be a Yoga Teacher with Bodhiyoga 2021/2022

Deepen your yoga practice, become a yoga teacher.

Bodhiyoga International now offers a comprehensive 500 hours Certified hybrid Online and Residential teacher training. (at Surayvana)

Share your love of your practice with the world!

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Already teaching? Take our Remedial Yoga and Applied Mindfulness CPD and steer to the depths.

“The Bodhiyoga TTC offers a beautifully thought out integration of yoga and Buddhism. I had spent many years unknowingly looking for this course, and these teachers Sudaka and Sadhita. Having just finished it, I can describe it as comprehensive, hard-work, inspriational and transformative. Sudaka and Sadhita are teachers with integrity who encompass that which they teach; this is their vocation. I feel very fortuante to have done this course and feel ready to teach Buddhism-inpired yoga.” - Kate Marks, Liverpool, UK.

“Bodhiyoga is the most valuable teacher training, weaving together mindfully the Buddha’s teachings, yoga asana, and meditation. Sadhita and Sudaka’s wisdom and knowledge are a true gift to any aspiring yogi. I am truly honoured to have studied with Bodhiyoga and feel confident as a yoga teacher and having a deeper committment to meditation practice. So much thanks and gratitude for this transformational insightful training” - Nancy Schneider, USA.