The International Order Convenors and the International Order Office team
wholeheartedly welcome you, and congratulate you on your ordination!

Below you’ll find a collection of information and resources that you may find helpful as you step into Order life.

The International Order Convenors and the International Order Office team
wholeheartedly welcome you, and congratulate you on your ordination!

Below you’ll find a collection of information and resources that you may find helpful as you step into Order life.

Order Communications

The Order Register

The Order office maintains the Order Register, which holds information on all Order members. As well as your name and contact details it holds the other information that you chose to provide about yourself when you completed the Order data sheet on joining the Order.

Setting Up Your Order Login

Many of the Order spaces online, and access to your Order profile to change your details, are Order-only and require you to enter your Order login to view them.

If you do not yet have your own Order account, here’s how to sign up/log in:

  1. Register at The Buddhist Centre (or if you have an account already, sign in – ).

If you’re registering, we’ll send an initial verification email to whichever email address you’ve used at sign-up. Click the link in the email and you’ve joined the site but not yet enabled Order-only content.

(If you don’t receive the email within 30 mins, please check your spam/junk folder and if it’s not there, contact  for help.)

  1. Once you’ve registered and logged in, please go to to activate your account as an Order account. This will let you see Order-only content across the site.

We’ll send a second verification email, this time to your email address as registered on the Order register. Again, click the link in the email and you’re done.

(If you don’t receive this email within 30 mins, please check your spam/junk folder and if it’s not there, contact  for help.)

Watch help videos on how to get Order-only access on The Buddhist Centre Online

Changing Your Contact Details

Please help us to keep your details up to date. You can change your own details directly online at

Once you have logged in as an Order member, click the tile labelled “edit Order Info” to change your contact details.

Or you can send changes to Shabda by email at, putting your name and the code “+D” in the subject line.

The Order Information Service

This service allows the Order Office to get important information out to you and other Order members very quickly through email; for example, notices of Ordinations, large events, deaths and serious illnesses.

Order Connection

Order Connection archives all the messages on the Order Information Service, as well as sharing information about Order members with ongoing health problems.

Find Order Connection here

The Order Address List

The Order Address List has been circulated amongst Order Members since the early days of the Order and has proved very useful in helping Order members stay in contact with each other. It is a list of Order members’ address, email and phone number.  It is expressly not for the purposes of mass mailing and is not to be shared outside the Order. Please read the conditions of use in every Order Address List to keep our personal information secure. Get the Order address list


Shabda is the English-language newsletter of the Order. It is a means of communication between Order members on all kinds of matters concerning their spiritual lives. There is also a Hindi version of Shabda for Indian Order members.

The English version appears every month apart from January and September. Before contributing, please carefully read the section in any Shabda called ‘Contributing to Shabda’, and adhere to the guidelines to make the compiler’s job more straightforward. Ideally, all contributions are written with the 10 precepts in mind and this is part of the practice of writing into Shabda.

It is available in several digital formats as well as a physical printed copy.

Access digital Shabda here

Order Spaces Online

We have developed three spaces on The Buddhist Centre Online where the Order can write about their lives and the Dharma. These spaces work alongside Shabda and provide the advantage that dialogue or online discussions can take place. You can follow any of these pages by clicking + Follow on the page.

Shabda Articles:

Articles should be original material, primarily about the Dharma. Contributors can send a brief abstract to Shabda together with a link to the full article. Full details are given in every Shabda.

Find Shabda Articles here.


This is for posts that are intended to stimulate discussions about issues, ideas of practice and the Order, or whatever you like really!

Find Threads here.

Stories From the Past and Present (Looking to the Future):

This space was developed to allow Order members to share their thoughts and experiences of being a member of the Triratna community in the many different situations and places since the founding of the movement in 1967. It has been a significant tool in sharing a greater understanding of our past, our shortcomings and in identifying what is needed to move forward.

Find Stories here

Order Life


When you become an Order member one of the first thing you will do is to join other Order members in a Chapter. Chapters are where the Order comes together at a local level. They are the fundamental building block of the Order and at their best they are regular spiritual workshops where we exercise the principle of kalyana mitrata.

Online chapters may also be available for those isolated from an Order Sangha.

Here are two places to find reflections on how Chapters work.

Looking Back Over My Chapter History by Dhammadinna (audio talk)

My Chapter by Alokavira (audio talk)

Order Weekends

There are regular single-sex and mixed weekend events for Order members across the globe at local, regional, and area levels where Order members have the opportunity to gather. For more information, ask an Order member! Or contact your Area or Regional Order Convenor.

Meeting in Larger Numbers

The Order has regular International conventions and Area conventions. These are where we ‘meet in large numbers’. Some of them are mixed and some have both single-sex and mixed elements. All of these events will be publicised in your area and online in Order spaces well in advance.

Triratna International Council

The International Council brings together and coordinates communication between the three ‘Strands’ that form the international structure of the Triratna Community – the Preceptors’ College, the Order, and the Movement. Members of the International Council meet to represent local interests at an international level, and also bring a wide international perspective back with them to the local level.

The Order Strand of the International Council is composed of six geographical areas around the globe: India, North America, the South Pacific, Mainland Europe, Latin America, and UK/Ireland. There is a well-developed network of Order Convenors from all six areas who meet regularly and foster communication and coordination worldwide.

Follow the work of the International council online

Order Bodhicitta Practice

This is another way the Order can come together! Every Sunday at 7am and 2:30pm UK time, we meet online to take part in a led Bodhicitta practice; 100’s of Order members from all over the world sitting together, giving expression to the heartfelt wish that all beings come to the end of suffering. You can join by clicking here.


Bhante lived out his last years at Adhisthana and his body is interred in the memorial garden. If you haven’t yet visited Adhisthana you are in for a real treat. There are Order retreats and Order events held here as well as it being a venue for a number of meetings. The library contains Bhante’s books, rupas and thangkas.

Visit Adhisthana here

Order Dana

The facilities above, and other services, are provided by the International Order Office, which is funded purely by Order dana. You will receive a request to give Order dana soon after ordination, or you can do so here:

Give Order Dana