Sangha Day celebration at Stockholms Buddhistcenter

On Mon, 26 November, 2012 - 05:57
Viryabodhi's picture
On Sunday we had our celebration of Sangha Day, like so many other Triratna centres all over the world. During the day we had a particular focus on the plans and ideas of moving towards a New Buddhist centre. The ‘New centre team’ gave short presentations.
Viryabodhi talked about the significance of Sangha Day and the Bodhisattva ideal (including the 4 sangrahavastus). Satyaprabha talked and showed projected images of Sangharakshita Land project (to keep the sangha informed of developments there), and then photos of the new Berlin centre as well as examples of Triratna centre’s street view. Helene showed imaginative images of our present centre, as well as images of possible future scenarios. Padmasurya gave a summing up and then we had group explorations. Several interesting new ideas came up in the groups, among them the radical idea of maybe buying and owning a place. There was a good energy around the theme and more information will be posted here.
After the New Centre discussions we had the obligatory tea break, after which Viryabodhi introduced Al Sabirsh to the sangha before he had his mitra ceremony in the sevenfold puja, which concluded the day.
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