Dana till barn i Goa, Indien

On Thu, 5 December, 2013 - 16:32
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Som ni kanske vet har vi i sanghan insamling till Karuna Trust och deras verksamheter i Indien. För andra året har vi också deltagit i, där den summa man ger dubbleras av denna organisation.
Med de £ 4 000 vi hade innestående, gav vi alltså £ 8000, alltså dygt 80 000 kr. Inte illa.
Allt det här har skötts av Jöran Briding, vår Karuna-man i Sverige, med hjälp från Karunas kontor i London.
Här är ett brev vi fick som erkännande.

med metta,

Dear Jöran, Viryabodhi and the Stockholm Sangha,

You have been brilliant. Again. Thank you so much.

We had set a target of £32,800 and on day one we’ve achieved £32,726! That means we’re going to be able to fully fund 2 hostels and 15 village study classes in Goa, and all the study classes around the brick kiln factories in Konkan for a full year. Over 200 children will benefit from this.

I don’t know if you have had an opportunity to see the video for the Goa Project. Here it is again:

Here’s a little message from Anil, our project leader in Goa:
“The staff & students of Bahujan Hitay Goa wish to
articulate our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your valuable
contribution by donating to the uplift of education.

As a drop of water is counted in an empty well,
that drop is as precious as any other,
which one day makes the well full and contented.

The same way your donation is counted in every way.
These children will always give their blessing to you for lending your precious help to them.
The dreams of these children will be lightened with your donation.

Thanks to your heart.
Thanks to you for your support and kindness.”

As I have told Jöran, I’m hoping to go and visit at least one of the two projects to which the money you have raised is going. I will try and collect some good photos and stories for you. Hopefully Bodhiketu’s visit will also prove enjoyable and interesting for the Sangha.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know anything more about this project, or Karuna’s work generally (except next week when I’m on retreat).

Thank you for everything you have done.

With deep metta,

Keval Shah
Trust Fundraiser
The Karuna Trust

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