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Upcoming Online Seminar - How to Attract and Engage Young People

On Wed, 3 March, 2021 - 15:51
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Saturday 24th April 2021 (1.5 hours online seminar):

9.30am UK | 10.30am Central Europe | 2pm Mumbai | 6.30pm Melbourne & Sydney | 8.30pm Auckland

5pm UK | 6pm Central Europe | 9am San Francisco | 11am Mexico City | 12 noon Maine & New York

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Are you involved in teaching at your local Buddhist Centre? Perhaps you’re part of the Centre Team, a Chair or a trustee? Maybe you’re involved in running Young Buddhist events, or would like to be?

This seminar is aimed at any Order Member or mitra who is keen to see more young people getting involved with their Triratna Centre, group or project. Led by Ksantikara (the Adhisthana-based young Buddhist coordinator) and chaired by Vajrashura. It’s the second of two seminars about engaging young people, the first being How to Inspire Young People as an Order Member, which runs on Saturday 27th March 2021.

Building on the expertise shared in last year’s How to Reach People Online Sikkha seminar, in the first half of this seminar we’ll hear a short presentation from Ksantikara on how to attract young people by making small changes to our marketing. 

Having explored how to attract young people in the first half of this seminar, we’ll then look at how to engage them in the second half. Ksantikara will offer some key principles drawn from his work as coordinator, and we will also hear three case studies from different speakers:

  1. Amritapurna will tell us about an online meditation course for young people across mainland Europe that had over 70 participants and discussion groups in 7 different languages.
  2. Tom and Oskar will talk about how the Manchester Buddhist Centre successfully transitioned its young people’s group onto zoom during 2020.
  3. Max and Ariane from the London Buddhist centre will talk about their work on the Sub25 project and how they managed to pair up 107 young people with order members for 1:1 meditation reviews.

The seminar will take place on Saturday 24th April 2021 at 9.30am and then again at 5pm UK time (BST), taking into account the needs of the different time zones. We hope people from around the world will be able to participate. It will be run for an hour and a half, which will include time for questions.

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I would like to book on, but the link is broken. I get the following message:

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Find out more about this topic at the Google Drive Help Center.

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Hi Abhayamati.

Yes, sorry about that. Google is doing something strange. I fixed it last week, but only spotted your comment now.


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Thanks Vajrashura, I’m booked.