Great Hall Buddha

The Tumble Dryer of Karma

On Wed, 15 January, 2020 - 00:00
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Up and Down, Round and Round... The Tumble Dryer of Karma. The second ring of the Buddhist wheel of life shows beings moving up then down, rising in light then descending around in darkness, and describes the law of karma. Karma, literally 'action', means that actions influence whether we experience happiness or suffering as well as determining the kind of person who we become. In this talk, Moksatara explores what karma really means and how we can work with this law of the universe to leave behind the 'snakes and ladders' game of repetitive ups and downs, moving instead on a liberating path of growth. By understanding the importance of conditionality and ethics, we can take charge of our lives and move in the direction we want to go. This series of talks explores three great Buddhist symbols that describe the way things are: the wheel of life, the spiral path and the ultimate goal of Enlightenment. Together they form a guide to escape from the ultimate vicious circle into the complete freedom and fulfilment of Awakening. Questions for reflection and discussion: How could you act to strengthen the stands of personality that you want to grow? How have your actions lead to positive or negative consequences this week? Do you feel happier and more connected when you act in line with the precepts? Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 14.1.20
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