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Tantric Scrooge

On Wed, 18 December, 2019 - 00:00
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With his cold personality, cynical speech and rationalist mind set, Scrooge is an unattractive and decidedly miserable character. Yet perhaps he isn't so unusual in these aspects - perhaps we are more like Scrooge than we would like to think! Fortunately, Vadanya's Vajrayana version of 'A Christmas Carol' has plenty of hidden tantric teaching and offers hope for even the most miserly 'bah humbug' character of all. Vadanya shows us how Scrooge carries his hard demeanour as a shell to protect against emotional pain from the past, until one Christmas when his inner Tantric guru can bear the spiritual stagnation no longer, and makes him leave this self-made prison behind. Through the shocking action of three ghosts, Scrooge encounters the Four Reminders and traverses the Five Aspects of the Dharma Life before being spiritually reborn as a happy man. Questions for reflection and discussion: Are there reasons for the ways in which you might be like Scrooge? Have you ever met your inner Tantric guru or noticed your daemon at work? Do you listen to your daemon? Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 17.12.19
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