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On Wed, 14 August, 2019 - 00:00
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The third step in bringing about the goal of Enlightenment is remembering: recalling our desire and decision to do what is needed. Bodhinaga talks about three qualities of mindfulness and highlights the central importance of the mind in Buddhism. Using metaphors from the Bodhicaryavatara, he draws out how mindfulness can transform our lives, both as a defence against negative, reactive patterns and in actively developing the heart and mind of a Bodhisattva, 'one who cares more for others than they care for themselves'. Part 4 in the 'Path to Awakening' Sangha night series at Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Read chapter 5 of the condensed Bodhicaryavatara (available on the Sangha Night section of the website at the time this talk was uploaded) to accompany this week's talk. Points for reflection and discussion: Is there a situation in which it would be good for you to 'act like a block of wood' this week? What is your experience of the mindfulness of breathing meditation? What are the benefits of mindfulness in your life? Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre 13.08.19
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